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Powering your future.

We're reinventing tech education to train students to become innovators in the fields of engineering, computer science, design, and entrepreneurship through programs, workshops, and more.


Kinet-X teaches tools necessary for the world of STEM …. it’s exciting to go to Kinet-X everyday because every lesson is a surprise, but the mystery behind the surprise is always intriguing.”

Christina cao, summer ‘18


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Our Mission

We envision a world where students are as knowledgable about hardware and computer science as Google engineers. Where mentors can work with students to build real, practical inventions. That's a world where we've taken STEM education into the 21st century.

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The Kinet-X Approach

From the moments you step into our classroom, we're committed to your success. We tailor our engaging and effective approach for each student to learn from our engaging and effective curriculum of both engineering and computer science. Using their newfound skills, each student will have the opportunity to create their own real, practical invention - anything from a web application, solar-powered car, to a robot.



Mentor student ratio

We provide a 1-on-1, personalized learning experience for all our students, regardless of skill level. 


hours developing curriculum

With a painstaking attention to detail, we've developed a university-level curriculum alongside top educators and companies in New York.


subjects taught

Want to learn Python? Javascript? Robotics? With one of the most comprehensive curriculums around, our mentors deliver a vast amount of quality content for all our classes.

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Learn From the Best

Our mentors are teens. Come to Kinet-X and code with Ivy League students. Build robots with world robotics champions. Launch startups with advice from successful teen founders. At Kinet-X, you'll be learning, building, and working with other brilliant young minds.


Some schools our mentors attend


Build awesome inventions in our programs.

Build a website using the same language used to build Firefox. Create a rocket and shoot it into the skies. Construct your own battle-bot and compete against your friends. Develop a fully immersive virtual reality game.

At Kinet-X, we mentor students to turn their ideas into reality with code, software, and machinery. Our students build full-fledged web applications, develop their own robots, and learn to create real inventions with real impact. Our immersive summer programs cover a wide range of topics, from CS topics like AI, autonomous systems, web development, data science to engineering topics like magnetism, construction, circuitry to topics that combine both like robotics.

We focus on real-world applicability; we minimize lecture time and highly value learning by doing. 

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liked or loved our programs

With a relentless focus on each of our students, we ensure students won't want to ever leave Kinet-X.



in-need students able to attend thanks to financial aid

No student should ever be prevented from pursuing their passion because of financial difficulties. We'll make sure you attend no matter what.



female students excited for career in stem

We believe girls can be the most brilliant engineers, programmers, and designers. We're breaking down cultural barriers preventing girls from pursuing STEM.

The Kinet-X Difference

See how we stack up with other programs.

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  • Learn computer science, engineering, design, robotics, and entrepreneurship all in one program.

  • 1:5 Mentor Student Ratio

  • Financial Aid Available

  • Prices starting at $695/week

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i2 camps

  • Choose only one of computer science, engineering, and design to learn in a program.

  • 1:7 Staff Student Ratio

  • No Financial Aid

  • Prices starting at $850/week


idtech camps

  • Choose only one of computer science, engineering, design, and robotics to learn in a program.

  • 1:8 Staff Student Ratio

  • No Financial Aid

  • Prices starting at $999/week

april 2017

"Many science and technology programs are too exclusive, expensive and boring, and Kinet-X wants to get more young people interested in the field they love."

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Get Involved

From our summer immersive programs to our NYC workshops, there are many ways for middle/high school students and parents to get involved with Kinet-X. 

If you're a school interested in bringing Kinet-X to your classroom, feel free to reach out to us at ideas@kinet-x.org. 


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