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Take a Leap

With our Advanced 2.0 program, you'll discover endless possibilities by blending programming and engineering. 

Learn about advanced circuits and Arduinos during the our summer program

Advanced circuits/Arduinos

Grow your engineering skills with complex components and rigorous new concepts, and learn to build anything with Arduinos.

Learn to code python during our summer program

Python Explorations

Delve into Python, one of the most versatile and widely used programming languages, and explore its applications in data science, web/desktop applications, and server work. 

Learn to combine engineering and coding during our summer program

Critical Thinking + Synthesis

Combine and apply your engineering and Python skills for a variety of applications from data science to the Internet of Things.

Jumpstart your learning.


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Part I: Intro

Start off on the right foot. Begin work with advanced circuits, put together your first few projects with Arduino, and learn fundamental Python techniques and tools.

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Part II: Development

Move away from the drawing board and start applying your new knowledge to real world problems. Use your knowledge of circuits and Arduinos to build a metal-detector car and analyze data models to reveal insights in big data.

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Part III: Launch

Combine your programming and engineering skills. Build projects ranging from writing an algorithm(or several) for data mining, developing your own full-fledged web application, or creating your own security system with IoT. If you want to launch a product, we'll help you through the entrepreneurship process and get your company up and running. 


A Day in the Life.


Mentor Leading Class Discussion in Program


10 minutes

We start all of our classes with a recap of the previous week's work to refresh our students' memory, usually with a quirky task or activity (e.g. design a tool to peel eggs). This also serves as a warm-up to get them thinking and ready for a day of building.



Student coding Python with mentor during stem summer program

Morning Session: Computer Science

120 minutes

Classes start off with a short lecture on a specific CS topic. Students will then have the opportunity to implement new ideas in a new project or lab - write a script or program. Afterwards, we'll test and iterate on our code, making sure it runs perfectly. 90% of our time is spent coding; lectures are kept to a minimum. 




Students having lunch during program

Lunch Break

60 minutes

Relax and chat inside, or go out for some fresh air and explore the surrounding area (Lower Manhattan is a foodie's dream!). Students are welcome to continue working on their projects or talk to mentors for extra help or guidance.




Student soldering circuitboard during stem summer program

Noon Session: Engineering

120 minutes

We heavily emphasize hands-on work in all of our programs, and Advanced 2.0 is no different. Students will have the opportunity to construct a project from a sketch of instructions using tools like soldering irons and drills, then code a program to run it, and iterate from basic project to full-fledged invention. 



Mentor teaching students during program

Feedback & Recap

10 minutes

We wrap up the day with a final recap, and students are encouraged to share their thoughts on the day's work. Many students stay afterwards for extra mentoring, and they are encouraged to do so. 





A summer experience done differently.


We're committed to you

Everybody at Kinet-X has only one goal: to help you get the most out of your experience. When you learn at Kinet-X, you can always expect to have your lingering questions answered, discuss potential ideas and topics with your mentors, and receive meaningful feedback on improving your work.


Students working together on code during program

Stay engaged

Programs can start off well, but keeping yourself excited might be a challenge. Our program starts off on a brisk pace and keeps it going until the very end, keeping you on your toes and completely immersed in programming and engineering with exciting activities and enjoyable lessons.


Students engineering together during program

Make friendships

Kinet-X provides students with endless opportunities to grow and learn, and one of the most important opportunities that we provide you is the ability to meet some of the brightest, talented kids in NYC. Over the course of 2 weeks, you and your friends will solve tough problem sets, build amazing inventions, and forge friendships to last a lifetime.


august 2017

"I would highly recommend Kinet-X to anyone interested in computer science and engineering, because you will leave knowing a lot more than you knew before, and have created new, amazing projects!"

William Das | Summer '17


Advanced 2.0

Take a leap in your tech education.



April 30 Deadline

For more info (including space & scholarships), read our FAQ below

*Sticker price. Scholarships and discounts available, read below.



Frequently asked questions

What sets Kinet-X apart from other tech programs?

Everybody's goal at Kinet-X is to help students reach their potential. We want our students to leave the program with more knowledge / experience than they had prior to joining. We teach an in-depth and comprehensive curriculum that combines engineering, computer science, and design to give students all the tech fundamentals they need in one course. Class sizes are small, with a 1:5 mentor student ratio. This results in tailored attention to each of our students, and an incredibly unique program modeled after real-life accelerators, designed to train and inspire students to learn technology. 


What does tuition cover?

Tuition helps us provide you with materials, activities, laptops, snacks, a fantastic space, and talented mentors. 


When is the application deadline?

Our final application deadline is April 30, but admissions are rolling. That means you can submit an application any time between now and April 30 and receive a decision within 5 days. Applicants are highly advised to apply early!


Do I need any prior experience to attend?

The Advanced 2.0 Immersive is designed for students with decent experience in computer science, as the course is so CS-intensive. Engineering experience is not required, but very welcome.

How much does the Kinet-X Advanced 2.0 course cost?

Full tuition for our Advanced 2.0 Summer Immersive is $1490. If your family has financial difficulties, we provide need-based scholarships. If you've been accepted, we'll do everything in our power to make sure you attend. 97% of our past students who wouldn't have been able to attend otherwise participated in Kinet-X due to scholarships.  If you sign up for more than two programs or apply before February 28, you'll receive a $150 discount.


When and where is Kinet-X taught?

Our Advanced 2.0 Summer Immersive  will be hosted at the Pine Street School. Class begins on August 6th and runs through August 17th on weekdays from 10am-3pm. Students are welcome to stay after for extra help or to just continue working on their projects. Our mentors generally leave at ~4pm.


Are there any age requirements?

For our Advanced 2.0 Immersive, students are required to be over 13 years old. Exceptions are made for students with demonstrated experience in computer science. If you're one of those students, drop us an email here.


Who will be teaching me at Kinet-X?

Our mentors are bright, talented people with a passion for helping younger students succeed. They themselves have vast experience in the education system, attending schools from Cornell University to Stuyvesant High School.


What if I have more questions?

We'd love to answer them! Just contact us here