An all-in-one tech program for any school


Starting and developing tech programs for K-12 schools is absurdly difficult -  lack of experienced teachers, limited curriculum, no extracurriculars, and unguided central vision. We built Kinet-X Alpha to make this easy - develop and scale an all-in-one tech program for any school at minimal cost and headache.


complete curricula

Choose from a vast library of comprehensive curriculum covering all topics computer science and engineering. 


talented mentors

Our mentors come from top universities/organizations and have years of experience teaching STEM. 


extracurricular experiences

Students will have plentiful opportunities to both apply their skills outside of the classroom and learn directly from tech professionals. 


We're here to help.

Inspiring to create now and in the future

Have your students dive into the world of technology and use their ingenuity to create real inventions like robots, alternative-energy cars, and web applications with the skills they learned. Using Kinet-X's curriculum and guidance from our mentors, training the inventors of today and tomorrow has never been easier. 


kinet-x female students excited for future in stem


kinet-x students liked or loved our programs



Teach the vast tech skillset

teach anything and everything

Choose from and explore a range of comprehensive tech curricula covering both computer science and mechanical/electrical engineering for any K-12 skill level. From Robotics to Data Science to Circuitry, classes are built on project-based learning and students will be constantly applying their skills to invent. All equipment, from laptops to robots are supplied. 


grades taught, for any skill level from beginner to expert



topics taught like robotics, web dev, data science, circuitry


Not your average instructors

teach alongside mentors with cutting-edge expertise 

Kinet-X's mentors have launched startups, won world robotics competitions, pioneering cutting-edge technologies all in their teens. Our mentors hail from top universities and institutions around the world. Each has had years of in-classroom experience, so they're ready to both run and support any class from inside the classroom or remotely. 


average years of stem education experience


mentor student ratio

A world of possibilities

endless extracurricular opportunity

Extracurriculars mean learning doesn't stop in the classroom. We regularly invite speakers from top tech companies and universities to offer their insights and inspire the students. Or, we organize trips to those institutions. 

Students also have the opportunity to apply their skills by working at/on robotics teams, startups, non-profits, clubs, or other organizations. 

A program built for your students with ease. 

Have the personalized tech program - curriculum, expertise, extracurriculars, equipment - for your students and schools built seamlessly and effectively, while costing less than a class set of laptops.

All within a year.

built for your school

Every school is different and a one-size-fits-all approach is doomed for failure. We work closely with any school - public, private, charter - to build a customized solution that ensures student success.


minimal cost & headaches

We don't expect schools to cover anymore than our most essential costs - wages, nutrients, transportation, and materials. We don't require any equipment either; all we need is a wifi connection. 


less than a year

Time is of the essence, and we delve in deeply and quickly to jumpstart the process. Our goal is that every student created their own invention by late spring.


What's the process?

With Kinet-X Alpha, we'll have your school's tech program proven, tested, and ready for success within a year. Here's a simplified sample roadmap.


Submit your application.



brainstorm with your school



classes begin. establish robotics team.


invite speakers or go on a trip

complete curriculum. begin final projects

present projects on demo day