Personalized Learning

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Based on a deep, authentic understanding of what makes learning meaningful to each student, Kinet-X mentors personalize through dynamic grouping and regular assessments. Our mentors design project-based experiences flexible enough to adapt to each student, based on his or her needs, interests, and approach to learning.

Students play a key role in personalizing their own learning experiences as well. Working with educators to set their own goals and regularly reflecting on their progress are two ways that students at Kinet-X take ownership of their learning. When students develop agency, their levels of interest and confidence skyrocket. Learning becomes a fun and engaging process, whether a student is working to address a knowledge gap or seeking out a new challenge.



tools for the future

Many programs and schools offer only computer science courses or solely engineering courses, limiting student choice at a young age. STEM consists of many vast and deeply interesting fields, and we believe every student should be able to explore them. Our mentors have crafted a wide-encompassing  and in-depth curriculum for nearly every STEM topic, from mechanical engineering to web development so students can be introduced to every aspect of STEM.

In the quickly changing and progressing world we live in today, it’s important that every student have a solid foundation of STEM skills for any scenario. This way, our students can easily absorb new information and develop new skills in both computer science and engineering.


Student Agency

bring your ideas to the world

We believe that students become more dedicated to learning and therefore learn a lot faster, if they’re working on a personally meaningful project. We encourage our students to build inventions they’re passionate about. If you love rocketry or defense, build your own rocket that shoots 1000 feet high. Like to play soccer? Build your own soccer robot and play a game of keepy uppy with it. Have an interest in video games? Develop your own interactive web application game. As long as you are working towards something that matters to you, you’ll be motivated to work harder and learn faster.

 In every Kinet-X course, students get to build their own real, practical inventions at the end of the class. That way, they’ll take initiative and get to infuse their learning with their interests in new and creative ways.


Get Involved

From our summer immersive programs to our NYC workshops, there are many ways for middle/high school students and parents to get involved with Kinet-X. 

If you're a school interested in bringing Kinet-X to your classroom, feel free to reach out to us at 


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