Kinet-X Fall '18 STEM Festival: Highlights

On September 8, we presented the Fall '18 STEM Festival - a day of workshops, talks, and fun open for all in lower Manhattan.

This was our second iteration of the STEM Festival and we added two new workshops - virtual reality and blockchain - to our existing offerings of Cryptography with Python, Building Robots with Arduino, and Circuitry/Soldering.

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Kinet-X Summer'18 Starter X, Starter S, and Advanced 2.0: Day One

Saying goodbye to our Robotics 2.0 Program was tough (we’re still missing the awesome final projects - remember the drawing bot?). But August 6th marked the start of our most ambitious cycle yet. From our Advanced 2.0, Starter S, and Starter X classes all running simultaneously, we’re in for a jam-packed next two weeks. Check out what our students have worked on from this awesome first day!

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Mid-Program update: Robotics 2.0 Summer '18

Hey guys! Adam here. We've officially passed the half way mark for our first ever robotics program! For those of you that don't know, running a robotics program has been my biggest dream since we started Kinet-X, so I'm a little sad to be close to the end. Anyways, a lot's happened this week and I've recapped it here for y'all :)

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Kinet-X Summer '18 Robotics 2.0: Day One

The time has finally come! Today, July 23rd, we kicked off the first day of our first ever Robotics program. For the next two weeks, students with little to no STEM experience will learn to design, create, and code their own robots from scratch. Learn more and see scenes from this incredible first day here

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Kinet-X Spring '18 STEM Festival: Highlights

On April 15 at the Pine Street School, we presented our Spring ’18 STEM Festival - a day of workshops, talks, and a panel in a modern building in downtown Manhattan. 

Our STEM Festival is a chance for the Kinet-X community - families of past students, our partners, and friends from all over the city - to come together and celebrate in tech education. This spring, we invited over 100 students and parents.

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Welcome to the team, Elon Musk

To build the future, we’ll need a trained, passionate, and talented workforce, which we lack. There have been many well documented and intentioned efforts to fix this problem for a while, but little progress has been made. That’s why I’m throwing my hat into the ring to fix education and joining Kinet-X as lead investor. We’re thinking to first principles and fundamentally reimagining what a quality education should do.

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Mentor Profile: Meet Adam, our CS Director

Hey there all! This is the first entry of our Mentor Profile series, and we'll start it off with a bang by introducing you all to Adam, our CS Director. He's a wrestler, famed student announcer, and was recently admitted to Caltech's Class of 2022 (though he's still waiting on other schools). Take a few minutes to get acquainted with Adam and feel free to send him an email at!

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