How to get into a Kinet-X Immersive

"How do I do get into a Kinet-X Immersive?" 

Hi, guys! Allan here. I’m co-founder at Kinet-X and manage among many things, the Kinet-X admissions process. We know just how confusing applications might be, having had to fill them out several times ourselves, so today I’m pulling back the veil and demystifying the application for Kinet-X’s immersives. 

I’m passing along this advice so you can fill out and submit an amazing application!

Be concise.

Quality trumps quantity. We’re looking to learn more about you, but we purposely don’t give you a lot of space. That’s because we’re more interested in your true personality rather than any fluff!

Be authentic and yourself.

One of the best things about STEM is that it’s incredibly diverse - that means everything from robotics to music to science. You don’t need to have an extensive background in technology to want to design or create an awesome website or application. What we want is for your curiosity and passion to come across in an authentic way.

Don’t sweat it.

We’re not looking for a specific kind of answers! There’s no right or wrong answer - there are different types of potential developers and engineers - and we want to get a better sense of the topics and projects you’d potentially love doing, as well as the person behind the resume. Just be honest - we appreciate self-awareness, open-kindnesses, and willingness to learn. And again, this helps us get an idea of where you’re coming from so we know how best to tailor our lessons to make your experience the best!

Ready to join our Kinet-X Immersives?

STEM for teens, by teens.

Three of us, all high schoolers with experience in STEM, were discussing what got us into the STEM fields. Robotics team, family member, a friend. We were all fortunate enough to have an opportunity. But what about students who don’t? Students growing up in poor neighborhoods and going to underfunded schools? Other students who had never once dreamed of becoming a scientist or engineer because it’s not the “right” thing to do for their gender? There are programs and extracurriculars for these students to turn to, but they all have a single — or multiple barriers that prevent these students from truly discovering STEM. Price. Outdated teaching methods. Subpar content. As we realized that, we took it upon ourselves to create a program that would change all of that.