STEM for teens, by teens.

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by Allan Wang

Three of us, all high schoolers with experience in STEM, were discussing what got us into the STEM fields. Robotics team, family member, a friend. We were all fortunate enough to have an opportunity. But what about students who don’t? Students growing up in poor neighborhoods and going to underfunded schools? Other students who had never once dreamed of becoming a scientist or engineer because it’s not the “right” thing to do for their gender? There are programs and extracurriculars for these students to turn to, but they all have a single — or multiple barriers that prevent these students from truly discovering STEM. Price. Outdated teaching methods. Subpar content. As we realized that, we took it upon ourselves to create a program that would change all of that.

Welcome to Kinet-X, the learning experience for teens built by teens.

Kinet-X is an intensive 12-session program for middle/high schoolers that gets you building and inventing. It’s focused on engineering and programming, giving teens a comprehensive introduction into STEM that is missing in today’s education landscape.

We wanted to create a program that solves the problems students have in entering the STEM fields.

Price should not be a barrier for anybody wanting to learn how to program or engineer, so we provide many need-based scholarships for students. We make sure you can attend Kinet-X no matter what.

We’ve tackled the issue of outdated teaching methods head on, and our courses combine personalized teaching methods(instructor:student ratio of 1:5) with the use of peer mentors. Peer mentors with a built-in connection with students, making the learning experience more welcoming and enjoyable.

And we didn’t stop there.

We also know that most programs only focus on either programming or engineering, rarely both, so we’ve centered our curriculum around developing, combining, and applying skills from both areas. Through Kinet-X, students learn everything from soldering to data modeling in Python to product design. By the end of our program, students will have defined, designed, and developed their own practical invention; ready for a successful future in tech.

Allan Wang