Limited-Time Only: Kinet-X's First-Ever Referral Offer

Updated - September 7, 2017

Apply to Kinet-X and invite a friend or peer to do the same! Friends motivate you, give you support, and make learning that much more fun - and that’s the kind of experience we’re building here at Kinet-X. When you simply apply and refer a sibling or friend, both you and your friend will receive a 10% discount.

How it works.

  1. Apply to our Kinet-X Fall Robotics Program
  2. On the application form, just enter your friend’s email - make sure they enter yours when they apply!
  3. Both of you enroll in our Robotics program.
  4. The 10% discount is applied for both you and your friend!

If you’ve already applied, but are referring somebody new, just shoot us an email at 

Some rules to follow…

  1. A student cannot be referred several times(i.e. there should only be one person listing a student named Krystal Jung as their referral.)
  2. If both you and your friend have already applied, you cannot refer each other. 
Allan Wang