Mentor Profile: Meet Adam, our CS Director

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Hey there all! This is the first entry of our Mentor Profile series, and we'll start it off with a bang by introducing you all to Adam, our CS Director. He's a wrestler, famed student announcer, and was recently admitted to Caltech's Class of 2022 (though he's still waiting on other schools). Take a few minutes to get acquainted with Adam and feel free to send him an email at!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do for Kinet-X

I’m Adam, the CS Director at Kinet-X. My job involves working on the programming curriculum for all of our classes, teaching our various courses to our students, and spending my free time thinking of the most fun thing I can teach next. My hobbies include cooking, working out, and playing video games!

How’d you get into tech?

I feel as if I’ve always been drawn to technology, and the way things work. As a kid I was fascinated by basically everything, and never stopped asking questions. Officially, it was probably around the 6th/7th grade, when I started the classes I was taking at school started specifically being about technology. By the end of 7th grade, I was versed in CAD, web development, python, and lego robotics. Since then, I’ve only gone farther on my journey to learn as much as I possibly can.

What were you doing before Kinet-X?

Before Kinet-X I was on one of our school’s FTC robotics teams, serving as vice president. I was pretty in to maker culture, spending a lot of my free time playing with soldering irons and DIY electronics, or drawing up schematics in my personal notebook.

Who have been your greatest influences and mentors?


Completely unrelated from tech, my parents have undoubtedly been my biggest inspirations in life. Having immigrated, and built up our life from next to nothing, I have nothing but the deepest respect and appreciation for them. Like I mentioned before, my tech career really kicked off in middle school, and the teachers I had were a great influence on shaping and growing my passion.

What keeps you going?

Knowing that there’s still more stuff to learn out there.

What’s been the best part of Kinet-X thus far?

The reaction a student has when their final project perfectly works. There is no replacement for seeing something you’ve put hours into finally coming together. Likewise, there’s no replacement for the joy a mentor feels when they get to see a student experience that.

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What’s the greatest challenge you’ve faced so far?

Going into my senior year of wrestling, I’d spent the entire summer training and getting ready. At the very first tournament, I broke my arm in the middle of the match. Aside from all the physical

pain, it mentally destroyed me, because I had to see everything I’d worked for fall apart around me. It took a lot to come back from that, to start over and convince myself that there’s a point to working towards a goal again.

Where do you plan to go from here and what about college?

If I knew it'd be on my facebook profile...

Any parting words of wisdom?

Never skip breakfast.

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