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by Elon Musk

“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor." - me

What will the future look like? That’s a question I ask myself every morning when I wake up in the middle of a SpaceX factory, unshaven and groggy. As I claw my way out of the reused Falcon engine we’re repainting, I imagine a world of electric vehicles ferrying us from point A to point B without any emissions or congestion, a world where billions travel by Hyperloop underground in the morning, then fly to Mars at night. I’ll be able to tell the Starbucks barista that my name is Elon Musk (spelled E-l-o-n) over brainwave, and then berate them like I berate my employees (and occasionally, wives) when they inevitably misspell it, all without speaking a word and increasing my carbon footprint. It’s a bright looking future. 

But to build that future, we’ll need a trained, passionate, and talented workforce, which we lack. There have been many well documented and intentioned efforts to fix this problem for a while, but little progress has been made. That’s why I’m throwing my hat into the ring to fix education and joining Kinet-X as lead investor. We’re thinking to first principles and fundamentally reimagining what a quality education should do.

Here’s a quick overview of what we’ll be doing. 

Personalized, comprehensive curriculum

Create a curriculum tailored to any student that teaches a swath of comprehensive courses. Any person can learn anything, designed for any experience, on any planet.

High school students will take classes like Machine Learning or Thermodynamics for granted. Younger students will spend days poring over linear algebra, rocketry, or whatever new course our algorithm, powered by OpenAI’s new personal assistant (I named him Ultron), chooses for them. 

Building the future with moonshot projects

Kinet-X so far has produced some pretty awesome projects for students to apply their skills on - robots, basic rockets, web applications, etc. Good job guys! 

The billionaire adult is here now. I’ve developed new projects, courtesy of my other companies that students at Kinet-X can build, like creating an affordable EV with a proper production process, launching reusable rockets, or stopping Skynet. If those projects sound familiar to you, it’s because they are! My current employees are adults with too many commitments (families, supporting themselves, etc.) that get in the way of their changing the world. Enter the student. With the training provided by the personalized, comprehensive curriculum, Kinet-X students can be just as talented, well-equipped, and driven as my adult employees, just without the pesky contracts and stock options. We’re bringing child labor into the 21st century too. It’s good preparation for their careers, which I’ll elaborate on in the next step. 

Guaranteed career options

Any student can have a direct career pathway to top firms and agencies. We can start by directly hiring them to my companies, but after other employers see the cost savings hiring child workers, they’ll be jumping in with offers in no time. Kids, don’t worry. You’ll be working at Tesla, SpaceX, or Google before you’ve even turned 20.


  1. Create viable crash course programs

  2. Expand crash course programs to full-year school for tech

  3. Expand schools across the country by 2022 (2023? 2024? It’ll be by 2030).

We’ve broken ground on step one already. Check out our new programs here (I designed a few!). 

Rocketry - https://www.kinet-x.org/rocketry

Renewable Energy - https://www.kinet-x.org/renewable-energy

Tunnel Digging - https://www.kinet-x.org/tunnel-digging

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