Robotics Team Sponsorships

We’re providing 6-10 sponsorships and mentorship to robotics teams from New York starting today. 

This is a program that starts immediately. In return, we’ll expect you to document your work, spread STEM education and Kinet-X’s mission. 

Why we’re doing this

We understand the positive effects of being on a robotics team - it’s how we got started with Kinet-X. It’s a great pathway to launching a career in tech and making an impact on the world. 

The barriers are simple but painfully prevalent. Cash, and to a lesser extent, skills. 

Resources we’ll provide

  • Funding from $500 to $20,000
  • Teams will have mentors who will provide mentorship to work with you on issues relating to robot construction, competition, marketing, outreach, etc. 
  • Pathway to part-time and full-time work at Kinet-X


  • Commit to at least a 3-month long partnership
  • Promote Kinet-X’s programs and workshops
  • Impact a sizable amount of students and families in New York
  • Make genuine progress in educating team members 

What we’re looking for

  • FIRST teams in NYC with a demonstrated history of community outreach
  • Commitment to a partnership
  • Passion about your team, robotics, and STEM as a whole

To apply, email us at with a document answering each of the following questions. Please answer each in 4-6 sentences

  • A brief overview of your team
  • History of team outreach and marketing
  • A description of your team's community
  • Why you think your team deserves this sponsorship
  • How you think STEM education can be changed