Late Applications

You might not be aware, but we at Kinet-X do accept late applications. 

We understand it’s difficult with schools and extracurriculars getting in the way that you might not hear about Kinet-X, or have time to write a strong application. 

So here are some frequently asked questions about late applications.

Do you get penalized for submitting late applications?

No, but keep in mind spots for the program you’re interested in may have filled up by the time you submit your application. 

What happens when I submit a late application?

We do our best to reply to late applications as fast as we can, but there’s no guaranteed timetable on when you’ll receive a response as team members are busy setting up for our summer programs. Think from a few days to a couple of weeks.

How do I get a response for my late application?

We’ll send a response by email, just like we do for our regular applications. 

When’s the latest I can submit a late application?

Submit it as soon as you can! The later you submit, the less spots there are. 

If you have questions, email us at

Allan Wang