Kinet-X Summer '18 Robotics 2.0: Day One

Today, July 23rd kicked off the first day of our Summer ’18 Robotics 2.0 Program. This is the start of a two week journey where students will learn to design, create, and code their own robots. For the rest of the week, students will be learning about all of the different sensors and features their bots have, and compete against each other in some super fun mini games. This will continue into next week, where it will culminate in a final robot: dreamed, designed, built and coded by the student.


The session opened with introductions from our co-founder Adam Abbas and this summer’s newest mentors. After some storytelling and laughs, we moved onto Kinet-X’s signature icebreaker: “Two Truths and a Lie”. One by one, we learned about each student and mentor’s funny, wild, and sometimes slightly disturbing life stories, and about everyone’s feelings on dogs and pets (shoutout to Coconut).


Finally, it was robot time. After selecting their desired robot design, students paired off right away with new friends.  Bubbling with excitement, everyone watched as they were introduced to all the parts and their uses. After settling down and gathering materials, everybody hunkered down to work.


The room quickly filled with the sounds of channels clanking together, screwdrivers being switched, and student’s calling a mentor over for help. Their determination and focus shone through as they began to construct their robots from scratch, helped closely by our mentors Gilvir, Addison, and Tiffany. By the end of the day, everybody had constructed and deconstructed a robot, becoming intimately familiar with the hardware down to the nuts and bolts.


As Adam says, “This is what I’ve wanted Kinet-X to be since the start. It’s a dream come true.” It really is, and we as a team are absolutely thrilled to see what brilliant inventions our students will create in the upcoming weeks!

Karen Yeung