One Track to Success

by Allan Wang

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to most people, but one of the largest problems we’ve detected in doing program research is the difficulty in constructing a personal STEM education especially for students attending schools lacking comprehensive STEM courses. Summer programs, clubs, after-school programs all try to fill in the gaps and in some cases are used as the primary education. Which is fine; what we’re worried about is the inevitable issues that will arise when bridging disconnected courses varying in content, purpose, and approach. Redundancies in content waste time and confuse students. Obscure and unclear course descriptions make it difficult to choose new courses. All of this is compounded and made worse when students have to adjust to new teaching styles from mentors with different approaches; we waste time just trying to connect. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had an all-in-one tech education separate from schools?

We’re solving that at Kinet-X by making it easy for you to start and continue a tech education that’s accessible, practical, and enjoyable outside of K-12 schools.

cutting-edge programs 

one track to success.png

First, we’re expanding our program offerings. So far we’ve offered beginner, advanced, and robotics programs that cover most of the skill levels middle/early high school kids are at, but the world is quickly changing and we want to help you adapt to the cutting-edge. Which is why we’re planning on offering new programs teaching next-gen technologies - machine learning, blockchain, virtual/augmented reality, to name a few - to students in a way that’s both accessible and practical, unlike most other programs. Quality is our top priority; if you’re at a Kinet-X blockchain program, you should be able to develop your own private blockchain, not just google and track the price of Ethereum.

These programs aren’t fully ready for the public yet, but you can preview them at our Fall ’18 Festival.

increased affordability

Next, we’re making it easier for families to sign up for series of programs by offering all returning students 20% off their next program. Everybody who attended a Kinet-X program in the past is qualified. And once you commit to another Kinet-X program, you’ll also be eligible for the next feature, which is…

24/7 mentorship

Our mentors are available any time to support you, even if you’re working on projects outside of our programs. It’s in our blood. Chauncey, my co-founder and Engineering Director and Gilvir, an Engineering Mentor regularly help past students with their engineering projects, be them robots or school escalator systems months after the students have left our program. You’re part of our family.


The above graphic is what the track looks like in practice. It’s one seamless journey from start to finish that explores any topic, course, project, or idea you’re interested in. You’ll be assured that whatever you’re learning is tailored for you, will transition easily into the next program, and guide you towards the ultimate goal of tech success in the future. It’s a truly seamless all-in-one experience.

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