Kinet-X Summer'18 Starter X, Starter S, and Advanced 2.0: Day One

by Karen Yeung & Zoe Davis

Saying goodbye to our Robotics 2.0 Program was tough (we’re still missing all of y’all and the awesome final projects you built - remember the drawing bot?), but our second session has us busier than ever. August 6th marked the start of our most ambitious cycle yet, with our Advanced 2.0, Starter S, and Starter X classes all running simultaneously and thanks to our amazing mentors--seamlessly. We’re in for an exciting two weeks!


The first day began with everyone coming together for introductions, sharing not only their names but also an interesting fact about themselves, just to spice things up.  After learning about everyone's bizarre lives and opinions on pets (shoutout to Coconut - again), it was time to separate and we divided the kids into their respective classes.

In the Starter X program, our older students immediately dove into the world of engineering as they learned about structures of circuits, schematic designs of batteries and LED lights, and the functions of resistors.


Meanwhile, our younger tech enthusiasts in the Starter S program got ready for a day of learning about web development. Once the basics were out of the way, they started their first project: creating their own webpage.


The Advanced 2.0 program began with a summary of programming language, including examples of different data types ranging from booleans, floats, integers, strings, and lists.


By the end of it all, students had created their own webpages, learned the fundamental rules of Python, or constructed their own circuits!

With so much that has already happened on the first day and the immense amount of enthusiasm coming from the students, we're excited to see the skills that the students will develop and eventually master.

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