Kinet-X Fall '18 STEM Festival: Highlights


On September 8, we presented the Fall '18 STEM Festival - a day of workshops, talks, and fun open for all in lower Manhattan.

This was our second iteration of the STEM Festival and we added two new workshops - virtual reality and blockchain - to our existing offerings of Cryptography with Python, Building Robots with Arduino, and Circuitry/Soldering. Students signed up for workshops the day before and almost all quickly filled up.


Each of our workshops were built on topics our mentors and students care about. Kinet-X co founder Adam taught us how to construct robots - guts, code, and all - in less than an hour as a sampler of our Robtics 2.0 program. Engineering mentor Gilvir gave a crash course on blockchain and it's potential applications in the real world (it's bigger than just cryptocurrency!).

Engineering mentors Emma and Michelle led a workshop on circuitry/soldering, taking us through the intricacies of circuits, soldering 101, all packaged in a 1-hour crash course to engineering.

Computer science mentor Addison taught us the basics of cryptography and how to create a Pig Latin translator. Finally, our co-founder Allan led a small class on virtual reality teaching a step-by-step process of creating a 360 demo in Unity and explained the technology behind the scenes.


In-between and during the workshops, we had pizzas, chips, candy (Twix or Snickers anybody?) for all. All the students had to do was focus on learning and building.

We're grateful to every community member who attended our Fall '18 STEM Festival. To the students, thank you for your interest in tech. To parents, guardians, family, thank you for bringing your kids and supervising them. All of you are what this festival and our mission embodies. We hope to see you again in the future!

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