Kinet-X Student Ambassadors

We’re bringing on 6-10 student ambassadors from high schools in NYC starting today.

This is a program that starts immediately.


  • Commit to at least a 3-month long assignment

  • Promote Kinet-X’s programs and workshops throughout your local communities

  • Manage solo marketing campaigns

What we’re looking for

  • Passion driven, energetic, and creative high school or college student willing to hustle

  • Ready to communicate with teachers, administrators and fellow students

  • Not shy to pursue opportunities or to promote causes

  • Easily accessible via Facebook, email, phone, etc.

  • Commitment to an assignment at Kinet-X

  • Located in NYC


  • 5% commission per student recruited and accepted

  • Personal mentorship to develop business, marketing, and entrepreneurial skills

  • Pathway to summer employment at Kinet-X

To apply, email us at with a document answering each of the following questions by February 25. Please answer each in at least 4-6 sentences.

  • Describe your high school (or local middle school) community

  • Propose a brief marketing plan for your community

  • Your daily routine and commitments (obviously we respect privacy here - just tell us where you go to school, what extracurriculars you do, how long you spent on hw, etc.)

An additional resume and/or cover letter is welcome and will help us to get to know you better.

Allan Wang