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Mentor Profile: Meet Adam, our CS Director

Hey there all! This is the first entry of our Mentor Profile series, and we'll start it off with a bang by introducing you all to Adam, our CS Director. He's a wrestler, famed student announcer, and was recently admitted to Caltech's Class of 2022 (though he's still waiting on other schools). Take a few minutes to get acquainted with Adam and feel free to send him an email at!

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Kinet-X Stories: Jesse Hall Summer '16

I remember the first day of Kinet-X like it was yesterday. I took the A train, and coincidentally met Matthew, a fellow Kinet-X student. We’d actually gotten lost in the subway station together! It took us a little while to get out, but we got to the space soon enough. Adam and Chauncey, our instructors, greeted us with smiles on their faces and were positively brimming with excitement. Once everybody got settled down, the first activity was a problem-solving design challenge: “How can we create waterproof notebooks?”

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