The tech world at your fingertips.


Kinet-X is unlike any other camp you've been to. We help you discover and pursue a passion for technology, by embarking on a journey to learn computer science, robotics, and engineering. This is not your average classroom taught by middle-aged men with blackboards and worksheets. You'll learn from experienced young technologists teaching a university-level curriculum so you can both learn and put your new skills to good use.


Real Learning

With our relentless focus on our students, Kinet-X provides a learning experience like no other. It doesn't matter if you've never written a line of code in your life or have built your own website, we provide the holistic curriculum and materials you need.



Teacher student ratio

We provide a 1-on-1, personalized learning experience for all our students, regardless of skill level.


hours spent on curriculum

With a painstaking attention to detail, we've developed a university-level curriculum with help from top educators and companies in New York.


topics covered on average

With one of the most comprehensive curriculums out there, our mentors deliver a vast amount of quality content for all our classes.

Put your skills to test

We heavily emphasize learning by doing, which is why all of our content is structured around project-based learning. By the end of our programs, you'll have designed and developed your own invention - anything from a solar powered car to your personal security system built with IoT. You choose what to be proud of!

Engineering instructor teaching summer student about soldering and circuits
Programming instructor Adam Abbas

Taught by people who care

"At Kinet-X, teaching younger students has given me a purpose, it made me feel like I could make a difference. It gave me the chance to share my knowledge and inspire."

- Adam Abbas | Programming Leader

"Many science and technology programs are too exclusive, expensive and boring, and Kinet-X wants to get more young people interested in the field they love."

- Wall Street Journal



"By the end of the programs, students will have expanded their knowledge base greatly and applied their skills to creating their personal, full-fledged projects combining code and engineering."

- Downtown Magazine