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Why we're here

With a solid, comprehensive curriculum and the right guidance, all students today can still have a great future and make an impact on the world. When we first looked at the situation in STEM education, we saw a rapidly growing professional field where words like "innovation" were used regularly, but an education system supporting it that could be better described as "backwards". We saw that only 5% of schools in the United States offered a CS program. We saw that the available programs were both expensive and inadequate in content. We saw that these programs were taught by teachers a generation or two distant from their students. We saw that students were just given content(if at all) and did not have an opportunity to apply it.

We saw a need for a different educational experience, and we knew it'd take a different type of company to develop and teach it. That's why we founded Kinet-X.

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Why I teach

A kid that might not know that much about STEM or anything else still has the potential to change the world if they're able to develop their knowledge. What many of them are missing is that catalyst that I myself was missing until very recently, and I want them to be inspired like I was. But that's not going to happen unless lots of other people take action to genuinely teach others. So for me teaching is a responsibility when I realize it's the only way I can guarantee at least some people are following in my footsteps to make a difference in the world.

— Gilvir Gill | CS/Engineering Mentor


Our History

So far, Kinet-X has grown from being an idea and a dream to becoming reality. We've met and worked with tech companies and educators from all over the city. We've learned about what it takes to teach STEM; seen what works and what doesn't. We've worked days and nights on end to craft top-notch curriculums for our students. We've designed and run several programs, gaining invaluable classroom insights and experience in crafting great educational experiences.

We’ve since helped dozens of students from schools like Hunter, Stuyvesant, and Avenues pursue and develop a passion for technology, going from complete newbies to experienced coders, engineers, and developers through our summer and fall programs.

We're currently running summer programs and workshops for middle/high school students. Our programs offer a personalized learning experience where students have the opportunity to bring their best ideas to the world using code and hardware. We're focused on developing your skillset for the future.



liked or loved our programs

With a relentless focus on each of our students, we ensure students won't want to ever leave Kinet-X.



in-need students able to attend thanks to financial aid

No student should ever be prevented from pursuing their passion because of financial difficulties. We'll make sure you attend no matter what.



female students excited for career in stem

We believe girls can be the most brilliant engineers, programmers, and designers. We're breaking down cultural barriers preventing girls from pursuing STEM.


Where we're going

For the students at Kinet-X, we give them a path to a great future so they can make an impact on the world. They’re creating complete websites and web applications before even graduating middle school. Their knowledge of hardware and circuitry matches that of even some Google engineers. For our mentors, they’re leveraging their skills and abilities to share valuable knowledge and insights only high schoolers can have on everything from data science to Arduino. Many have improved their own understanding for technology, and some are considering teaching full-time. That’s what happens when you take personalized learning into the 21st century - everybody learns. The future we envision where any student from K-12 can combine code and hardware seamlessly to make a difference is becoming reality.


Get Involved

From our summer immersive programs to our NYC workshops, there are many ways for middle/high school students and parents to get involved with Kinet-X. 

If you're a school interested in bringing Kinet-X to your classroom, feel free to reach out to us at ideas@kinet-x.org. 


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