Why we're here

With a solid, comprehensive curriculum and the right guidance, all students today can still have a great future and make an impact on the world. When we first looked at the STEM education situation, we saw a rapidly growing professional field where words like "innovation" were used regularly, but an education system supporting it that could be better described as "backwards". We saw that only 5% of schools in the United States offered a CS program. We saw that the available programs were both expensive and inadequate in content. We saw that these programs were taught by teachers a generation or two distant from their students. We saw that students were just given content(if at all) and not have an opportunity to apply it.

We saw a need for a different educational experience, and we knew it'd take a different type of company to develop and teach it. That's why we founded Kinet-X.


What we've done

So far, Kinet-X has grown from being an idea and a dream to being reality. We've met and worked with tech companies and educators from all over the city. We've learned about what it takes to teach STEM, seen what works and what doesn't. We've worked days and nights on end to craft top-notch curriculums for our students. We've designed and run several programs, gaining invaluable classroom insights and experience in crafting great educational experiences.


Where we're going

At Kinet-X, a world of possibilities are emerging. Middle school students are learning more about circuitry and hardware than some Google engineers(yes, they are). High schoolers are leveraging their skills and abilities to share valuable knowledge on everything from data science to Arduinos. A curriculum combining both engineering and programming, one of the first of its kind, has been developed and is constantly being refined. We're working on building a future where students are able to combine code and circuits seamlessly to make a real impact.