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Founded by three sophomores at Stuyvesant at Stuyvesant two years ago, we started with the mission of bringing tech education into the 21st century.

At Kinet-X, we’ve created a new model for K-12 tech education. In our programs, students learn both computer science and engineering - not just one of the two - as doing both unlocks vast potential. A coder can be a software engineer at a startup, but an expert in both CS and engineering can lead robotics divisions at Uber and Alphabet. 

Students learn CS topics like AI, autonomous systems, web development, data science, as well as engineering topics like magnetism, construction, physics, or topics that combine both like robotics. 

The mentors are teens - none older than 18 - because peer mentoring is times better than learning from a middle-aged teacher who can’t necessarily connect well with a student. Teens are also capable of achieving much more than they were, say 10 years ago - we build startups, we create cryptocurrencies, we win world robotics champions. All of us have accomplished one of those achievements, or similar ones. We go to schools like Caltech, MIT, and UChicago.

Our students can create rockets, robots, and full web applications before even graduating middle school. 



February 2016


Allan Wang, Chauncey Lau, Adam Abbas


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Past Programs

Summer 2016, Winter 2016/17, Summer 2017


Kinet-X In The News


april 2017

"Many science and technology programs are too exclusive, expensive and boring, and Kinet-X wants to get more young people interested in the field they love."

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april 2017


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april 2017

"By the end of a Kinet-X program, students will have expanded their knowledge base greatly and applied their skills to creating their personal, full-fledged projects combining code and engineering."

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