Powering the future

Why a robotics program?


Robotics is transforming our world. The field of robotics is impacting a growing range of industries - manufacturing, transportation, defense, and more - and incredible new opportunities are emerging, but they require specialized skills. This program will teach the fundamentals of robotics, so you can join the new generation of engineers who are changing our world for the better by leveraging the power of robotics to extend our capabilities in innovative and beneficial new ways.



Building a foundation

From sensors to drivetrains, learn the core fundamentals every roboticist needs.

robotics engineering


Learn the essentials of mechanical and electrical engineering. Combine that knowledge with all the hardware and tools you need to build and mod your own robot from scratch.

robotics coding

Computer Science

A built robot may seem cool, but it's nothing more than a model without code. To give your robot life and control it, you'll learn Arduino - a language used everyday by hobbyists and professionals alike.

robotics design

Design & Develop

Take the next step and modify your robot for different challenges and situations. Some potential projects include soccer robots or battle bots.


Embark on a journey




Part I : Weeks 1-2

We don't want to waste a minute here, so we dive right into the world of robotics from the start. The goal of these weeks is to establish a strong basis for the upcoming lessons and projects.

1. Introduction to Electronics

2. Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

3. Introduction to Computer Science


Part II : Weeks 3-5

Now armed with the principles, take your learning to the next level. We'll transition to more advanced topics and combine CS / Engineering to solve new problems. 

1. Wireless Interaction - Bluetooth and Infared

2. Interacting with the Environment - Temperature, Light and Motion Sensors

3. Advanced Construction and Design





Robot focused on goal

Part III : Weeks 6-8

Weeks of work culminate in a final project - a robot designed and built by you. Learn the brainstorming process, and how to make your idea a reality. Projects can range from soccer bots to maze solvers.

1. Design Process

2. Complex Circuitry

3. Real World Applications 




A Day in the Life


Recap of engineering class


10 minutes

We start all of our classes with a recap of the previous week's work to refresh our students' memory, usually with a task or activity. This also serves as a warm-up to get them thinking and ready for the day of instruction.



Students working and soldering circuitry

Morning Session: Sensor Intro

90-100 minutes

Begin the day by being introduced to a new sensor. Then, use a standalone board to test and experiment - learning the ins and outs of the circuit and its code, gearing up to work it into your robot.




Students having lunch during program

Lunch Break

60 minutes

Relax and chat inside, or go out for some fresh air and explore the surrounding area. Students are welcome to continue working on their projects or talk to mentors for extra help or guidance.




Student mentor working on computer science code

Noon Session: Integration and Robot Work

90-100 minutes

Incorporate what you've learned into a fully functional, designed by you robot. Use your creative liberty to install the sensor onto your chassis, and complete a series of challenges to prove your mastery of the topic.



Student giving mentor feedback

Feedback & Recap

10-20 minutes

We wrap up the day with a final recap, and students are encouraged to share their thoughts on the day's work. Many students stay afterwards for extra mentoring, and they are encouraged to do so. 





A learning experience done differently.

Otherwise known as a program you'll learn something from.


We're committed to you

Everybody at Kinet-X has only one goal: to help you achieve your potential in technology. When you learn at Kinet-X, you can always expect to have your lingering questions answered, discuss potential ideas and topics with your mentors, and receive meaningful feedback on improving your work. 



Stay engaged

Programs can start off well, but keeping yourself excited might be a challenge. Our program starts off on a brisk pace and keeps it going until the very end, keeping you on your toes and completely immersed in programming and engineering with exciting activities and enjoyable lessons.



Make friends

Kinet-X provides students with endless opportunities to grow and learn, and one of the most important opportunities that we provide you is the ability to meet some of the brightest, talented kids in NYC. Over the course of 8 weekends, you and your friends will solve tough problem sets, build amazing inventions, and forge friendships to last a lifetime.


Learn to build robots in just 8 weeks.

October 8th to December 3rd, 2017 (Updated)

On Sundays. No class on 11/26.


October 1 Final Deadline (Extended)

For more info (including space & scholarships), read our FAQ below

*Sticker price. Scholarships are provided. Refer a friend and get 10% off.



Frequently asked questions

What sets Kinet-X apart from other tech programs?

We've talked a lot about our differences throughout this course page, but to summarize it most succinctly, everybody's goal at Kinet-X is to help students reach their potential. Unlike other programs, we want our students to leave the program with more knowledge / experience than they had prior to joining. We teach an in-depth and comprehensive curriculum that combines engineering, computer science, and design to give students all the tech fundamentals they need in one course. Class sizes are extremely small, with a 1:7 mentor student ratio. This results in tailored attention to each of our students, and an incredibly unique program modeled after real-life accelerators, designed to train and inspire students to learn technology. 


What does tuition cover?

Tuition helps us provide you with materials, activities, laptops, snacks, a fantastic space, and talented mentors. 


When is the application deadline?

Our final application deadline is September 30, but admissions are rolling. That means you can submit an application any time between now and September 30 and receive a decision asap. Applicants are highly advised to apply early!


Do I need any prior experience to attend?

We don't expect you to have any knowledge of robotics, engineering, or CS when you join. However, if you do have experience in any of those areas, our course is extremely flexible and our mentors will be glad to customize the program for you.

How much does the Kinet-X Robotics course cost?

Full tuition for our Robotics Fall 2017 program is $985. If your family has financial difficulties, we provide need-based scholarships. If you've been accepted, we'll do everything in our power to make sure you attend. 97% of our past students who wouldn't have been able to attend otherwise participated in Kinet-X due to scholarships. If you and a friend both sign up and attend Kinet-X, you'll both receive a 10% discount.


When and where is Kinet-X taught?

Our Fall 2017 program will be hosted at the Pine Street School. Class begins on October 8th and runs through November 26th on Sundays from 10am-2pm. Students are welcome to stay after for extra help or to just continue working on their projects. Our mentors generally leave at ~3pm.


Are there any age requirements?

We generally teach students from the ages 9-14. If you're outside this age range but still want to attend a Kinet-X program, no fear! Just drop us an email and we can talk.


Who will be teaching me at Kinet-X?

Our mentors are bright, talented people with a passion for helping younger students succeed. They themselves have vast experience in the education system, attending schools from Northeastern U to Stuyvesant High School.


What if I have more questions?

We'd love to answer them! Just contact us here