Start with the fundamentals

Learn and apply the same skills professional engineers and front-end developers use everyday.

Learn about circuits in the starter immersive program


Understand the foundation for all electronic devices, from your phone to a speaker - and then some. 

Learn about HTML/CSS in the starter immersive program


Build a webpage by giving it structure and meaning with HTML - then bring it to life with CSS.

Learn about responsive design in the Starter Immersive program

Responsive Design

Take the next step and build sophisticated, responsive, and dynamic sites with Javascript.


Dive right in

Instruction with introduction to concepts


Begin with core concepts. You'll learn the basics of engineering, including the most important parts of circuits, web page structure, and essential functions of HTML/CSS.



Skill Development

Using skills acquired from the Introduction, you'll begin to create your own projects and and expand your knowledge base through practice, creating things like sound-to-light sensors and LED circuits. You'll also be introduced to more advanced concepts, using CSS/JS to bring life to your web pages and work with advanced parts like motors.

Practice new skills and apply knowledge by working on many programming and engineering activities

The program culminates in students creating their own final projects through application of skills learned throughout the program


Weeks of knowledge will cumulate into your own final project- you decide what you create! Options range from building a solar powered car to an interactive web application. You choose what you want to be proud of!

Students helping each other understand HTML/CSS on laptops during fall program

A summer experience done differently.

Otherwise known as a summer program that you'll actually learn from and enjoy.


We're committed to you

Everybody at Kinet-X has only one goal: to help you get the most out of your experience. When you learn at Kinet-X, you can always expect to have your lingering questions answered, discuss potential ideas and topics with your mentors, and receive meaningful feedback on improving your work.



Stay engaged

Programs can start off well, but keeping yourself excited might be a challenge. Our program starts off on a brisk pace and keeps it going until the very end, keeping you on your toes and completely immersed in programming and engineering with exciting activities and enjoyable lessons.



Make friends

Kinet-X provides students with endless opportunities to grow and learn, and one of the most important opportunities that we provide you is the ability to meet some of the brightest, talented kids in NYC. Over the course of 4 weeks, you and your peers will solve tough problem sets, laugh together, build amazing inventions, and forge friendships to last a lifetime.

Student from Summer program

Have fun and learn

"I was a student in the 2016 Summer program and I can definitely say this program was very informational and helped me learn more in Electrical Engineering and Coding. We built our own solar-powered cars from old computer parts and even made our own websites! My website is: I had a lot of fun and Kinet-X was a great way to spend my summer. I would recommend this program to others who want to learn and gain skills while having fun!"

-Matthew Chan, Summer 2016

Get Started

Tuition: $1495(More info below)

Dates: 8/7 - 9/1(Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays)

Scholarships: Financial aid is 100% need-based. More information below in the FAQ.

Location: Pine Street School

Application Deadline:                         Early - April 10, Regular - May 31

Comparison: See how other programs stack up with us here.

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Learn CS + Engineering in 4 weeks

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Get Answers

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get. If you have any more inquiries, contact us here.


how much does the starter immersive cost? 

The tuition for our Summer 2017 Starter Immersive is $1495, and includes activities, materials, and parts(including all circuitry) for the entire 12 sessions of the program. If your family has financial difficulties, we make sure you can attend with need-based scholarships; not a single student from our past programs has had to leave because of financial difficulties. Cost should not be a barrier preventing you from learning skills for your future.


what is a day at kinet-x like?

Whether you attend the Starter Immersive or Advanced Immersive, each day will be packed with code, circuits, fun, activities, and much more! Students will participate in lectures, contribute in discussions, engage in activities, and challenge themselves with daily projects/labs. 


are there any age requirements?

We currently accept students from the ages of 10-14. If you're outside of this age range, don't worry. Send us an email about your situation and we'll talk!


when and where are classes taught?

The Starter Immersive will begin on August 7 and end on September 1, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for a total of 12 sessions. Classes are from 10am-3pm, and students are encouraged to stay afterwards for extra help or further discussion. The Immersive will be hosted at the Pine Street School in FiDi.


What materials are provided?

We provide everything you need during the program, including soldering irons, breadboards, and laptops.


what makes kinet-x unique?

We view ourselves less as a purely academic program, and more as an incubator or accelerator, designed to train and inspire students to create inventions with practical use. We focus on real-world applicability throughout the program; we minimize lecture time and highly value learning by doing. 


when is our application deadline?

Our early application deadline is April 10 2017 and our regular application deadline is May 31 2017. We recommend you apply as early as possible!


who are the mentors?

Our mentors are all working technologists with a wealth of experience in each of their respective fields. Everybody has the opportunity to work with a number of different mentors.


Do i need any prior experience to attend?

No. The Starter Immersive is meant to introduce students to the world of technology, and we don't expect students to have prior experience in engineering or programming.


want to see a comparison with other programs?

See how other programs stack up with us here.