Meet the team

We're all learners too, and we know what it's like to learn how to code or build a robot, or hack together a project for the first time. Whatever our role, every Kinet-X team member combines their task with a genuine passion for helping kids grow.


Adam Abbas

Co-Founder & Programming Leader

Adam is a 16 year old junior at Stuyvesant High School. Since early childhood, he’s always been attracted to the maker culture, fascinated by anything mechanical. He started programming in the 7th grade, when he began to learn web development in his own free time. Since then, he hasn’t stopped learning; constantly picking up on new languages and exploring new areas like object-oriented programming and data science. Adam is also a member of the Young Hackers, a group that aims to bring coding opportunities to those without access to them, is the Head of Engineering for one of Stuyvesant’s Robotics teams, and is also the captain of Stuy’s wrestling team. Adam was also named one of CE Week's Top 10 under 20.


Allan Wang

Co-Founder & Marketing/Operations Leader

Growing up reading Iron Man comics and watching Transformer films, Allan has always dreamt of creating wild inventions. He began to code at the age of 11, learning to create his own static webpages and simple programs. Since then, he’s branched off into other areas like marketing and design, but still retains that same passion for technology and has made it his mission to spread that passion to others. Outside of Kinet-X, Allan has worked at several startups and non-profits, and is the President of Stuyvesant’s entrepreneurship club. When he’s not making a presentation or drafting up a marketing plan, you can find him playing saxophone or studying German philosophy.


Chauncey Lau

Co-Founder & Engineering Leader

Chauncey is a 17 year old junior at Stuyvesant High School. He was first introduced to the world of electronics at a very young age, as his father would constantly be tinkering or working on a project at home. The lights and wires always fascinated him, and led him to aspire to be an engineer. His first formal introduction into electrical engineering came as a 6th grader, when he was lucky enough to work with NASA engineers. Through that experience, Chauncey was able to grow his skill set, and watch his passion for the field grow. Chauncey is also the Vice President for one of Stuyvesant’s robotics teams. When he’s not tinkering with a circuit or setting his hair on fire, you can find Chauncey running, watching dramas, or pursuing his passion for origami. 


Annie Wang


Annie is a student at Hunter College High School. Since early childhood, she became immersed in the world of science and engineering. She saw science as a way to finding concrete answers to virtually anything, and admired the beauty of crafting solutions in engineering out of seemingly unrelated elements. However, whether it be at a Robotics competition or Physics class, she has always felt isolated because of her gender or age. At Kinet-X, which welcomes all students provided that they share a love of learning, she feels that she has finally found the answer. Working alongside other members and students, she feels that she never stops learning. 


Tahseen Chowdhury

Legal & Social Worker-in-Residence

Tahseen is a junior at Stuyvesant High School. As the Managing Director of Green Tag LLC, Executive Director of a startup nonprofit, and as an Operations Fellow at Khan's Tutorial, Tahseen has a unique experience when it comes to local and federal law and the IRS. He hopes to find this useful in Kinet-X, ensuring it's stability and legality for investors and clients alike. In his free time you can find Tahseen discovering the city on his bike. Tahseen hopes to use his skills and previous experiences to ensure that Kinet-X is providing the best service it can within its means.