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Meet the team

We're all learners too, and we know what it's like to learn to code, build a robot, or hack together a project for the first time. Whatever our role, every Kinet-X team member combines their task with a genuine passion for helping kids grow.

 Adam Abbas Director of Computer Science

Adam Abbas

co-founder | cs director

Since early childhood, Adam’s always been attracted to the maker culture, fascinated by anything mechanical. He started programming in the 7th grade, when he began to learn web development in his own free time. He hasn’t stopped learning since; constantly picking up on new languages and exploring new areas. He's fluent in Java, C++, Python, Ruby, Javascript, and more. Adam is also a member of the Young Hackers, a group that aims to bring coding opportunities to those without access to them, was the Head of Engineering for one of Stuyvesant’s Robotics teams, and was captain of Stuy’s wrestling team. Adam was also named one of CE Week's Top 10 under 20. He's a double major in mechanical engineering and computer science @ Caltech.


Allan Wang

co-founder | growth/operations director

Growing up reading Iron Man comics and watching Transformer films, Allan has always dreamt of creating wild inventions. He began to code at the age of 11, creating his own static webpages and simple programs. Since then, he’s branched off into other fields, but still retains a passion for technology and has made it his mission to spread that passion to others. Outside of Kinet-X, Allan has worked at several startups and non-profits, and is the President of Stuy's entrepreneurship club. When he’s not making a presentation, designing our website or drafting up a marketing plan, you can find him playing saxophone or studying German philosophy. His dream in life is to start a podcast, so if you have tips or are in any way interested, ping him at!

 Chauncey Lau Director of Engineering Curriculum

Chauncey Lau

co-founder | engineering director

Chauncey was first introduced to the world of electronics at a very young age, as his father would constantly be tinkering or working on a project at home. The lights and wires always fascinated him, and led him to aspire to be an engineer. His first formal introduction into electrical engineering came as a 6th grader, when he was lucky enough to work with NASA engineers.  Chauncey is also the President for Stuy's robotics team and an expert in mechanical/electrical engineering. When he’s not tinkering with a circuit or setting his hair on fire, you can find Chauncey running, watching dramas, or pursuing his passion for badminton. 


 Sophia Gunluk Computer Science Mentor

Sophia Gunluk

cs mentor

Sophia is a Computer Science major at Cornell University. Coming from a mathematical background, Sophia started coding at 14, teaching herself Python. She's since immersed herself in the tech world, learning new languages like Java and becoming part of organizations like Girls Who Code. Her goal is to give everyone a chance to find their hidden computer science talent and share it with the world. 

 Gilvir Gill Engineering Mentor

Gilvir Gill

cs/engineering mentor

As a 12 year old, Gilvir started tinkering with electronics and building computers, but didn't start learning CS until he was 15. In just a few years, he's gone from knowing 0 languages to 6, to learning about neural networks, and from knowing nothing about mechanical engineering to becoming president of a robotics team. In his spare time, Gilvir loves to study physics, complex math, and play video games.

 Luke San Antonio Bialecki Computer Science Mentor

Luke San Antonio Bialecki

cs mentor

Luke is a CS major at Northeastern University. As a 10 year old, Luke initially jumped into the world of computer science due to a love of video games. In the 8 years since then, Luke's branched out and discovered a love for the tech world in general. He's familiar with JS, Lua, C#, Java, and has created his own WIP 3D game engine. When he's not coding or prepping a lesson plan, you can find Luke taking screencaps of tv shows and discovering what it means to live.


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