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Meet the team

We're all learners too, and we know what it's like to learn to code, build a robot, or hack together a project for the first time. Whatever our role, every Kinet-X team member combines their task with a genuine passion for helping kids grow.


adam abbas

founder | CS director

Since early childhood, Adam’s always been attracted to the maker culture, fascinated by anything mechanical. He's a double major in mechanical engineering & computer science at Caltech and is fluent in Java, C, C++, Python, Ruby, Javascript, and more. Adam was also named one of CE Week's Top 10 under 20.


allan wang

founder | growth director

Growing up reading Iron Man comics and watching Transformer films, Allan has always dreamt of creating wild inventions, so he learned to code by the age of 11 and hasn't looked back since then. He studies at the University of Chicago and knows BTS fanchants by heart. 


chauncey lau

founder | engineering director

Chauncey was first introduced to the world of electronics at a very young age, as his father would constantly be tinkering or working on a project at home. He's an expert in mechanical/electrical engineering and is double majoring in electrical engineering and environmental science at the University of Michigan. 


addison huang

cs mentor

Addison got into the world of technology at ten years old, and nothing's been the same since. He's a senior at Stuyvesant, developed multiple websites by age 16 and is fluent in Java, Python, Processing, and C. 


yvonne pan

engineering mentor

Yvonne's a major in civil engineering at Case Western University. She's experienced in Arduino, circuitry, and mechanical engineering. She loves pizza bagels and playing with her food before eating it. 

emma choi

engineering mentor

Emma grew up inspired to make a difference in the world of STEM and provide amazing education experiences for those disadvantaged. She's a junior at Stuyvesant and has worked for multiple startups by age 16. 


luke san antonio bialecki

cs mentor

As a 10 year old, Luke initially jumped into the world of computer science due to a love of video games. He's a double major in computer science major and biology at Northeastern University and is fluent in Javascript, Lua, C#, Java, and has created his own WIP 3D game engine. 


gilvir gill

engineering mentor

As a 12 year old, Gilvir started tinkering with electronics and building computers. He's fluent in Java, Python, C, C++, Arduinos, Javascript, Ruby, Go, and more. Gilvir studies neural networks and complex math in his free time. 

michelle tang

engineering mentor

Michelle's big introduction into the world of STEM came at the age of 11, when she built a Pokemon site for the first time. She's a senior in Stuyvesant and fluent in Javascript, Python, Processing, Arduino and Java. In her free time, she builds robot for fun and organizes hackathons.  


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From our summer immersive programs to our NYC workshops, there are many ways for middle/high school students and parents to get involved with Kinet-X. 

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