Why a virtual reality program?

Virtual reality is the key to unlocking new, fully immersive worlds at the blink of an eye. The maturation of virtual reality technology will lead to endless possibilities - completely immersive video games, virtual courtside seats at sporting events, truly experimental learning, etc. This program will teach the fundamentals of virtual reality and developing for VR, so you can join the next generation of VR developers pushing the bounds of both technology, and reality itself.

Creating new realities

VR development is like the technology itself - immersive and multifacted. Learn the various fundamentals to developing virtual reality applications.

robotics coding

Unity Engine & Modeling

Let your imagination run wild as you create beautiful visuals & scenes in Unity. We’ll also learn 3D modeling and experiment with animation in AutoCAD.

robotics engineering

VR Fundamentals

Learn the principles of VR technology including optics, displays, and tracking - essentially understanding the ins & outs of the headset you’ll be using.

robotics design

C# Development

As we’ll be developing our app in Unity, we’ll be using primarily C#. Students will learn the fundamentals of the language, and be capable of developing full-fledged applications with it.

Embark on a journey



Part I: The Principles

We’re going to jump right into virtual reality, exploring the multiple facets of the technology and gaining a strong foundation for future development.

1. Principles of VR technology

2. Principles of C# programming

3. Principles of Unity Engine


Part II: Development

Now armed with the principles, take your learning to the next level. We’ll continue our explorations of the multiple facets of VR and delve into further skills.

1. App development in Unity

2. 3D modeling with AutoCAD

3. Developing games in C#


Part III: Invention

Weeks of work culminate in a final project - a virtual reality app designed and built by you. Projects can range from poker, RPGs, or even a museum gallery.

1. Design Process

2. Mapping Unity to VR headsets

3. Further app development


A Day in the Life


Mentor Leading Class Discussion in Program


9:50 am - 10:00 am

We start all of our classes with a recap of the previous day's work to refresh our students' memory, usually with a quirky task or activity (e.g. design a tool to peel eggs). This also serves as a warm-up to get them thinking and ready for a day of building.



Student Soldering Circuit in STEM summer program

Morning Session: C# Development

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Start off with a short lecture on a specific topic, ranging from object-oriented programming fundamentals or a specific data structure in C#. Students will then implement new ideas in a project or lab. Afterwards, we'll test and iterate on our code, making sure it runs perfectly. 90% of our time is spent coding; lectures are kept to a minimum. 


Students having lunch break during program

Lunch Break

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Relax and chat inside, or go out for some fresh air and explore the surrounding area. Students are welcome to continue working on their projects or talk to mentors for extra help or guidance.



Student Engineering during stem summer program

Noon Session: Creating a sample scene in Unity

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Start off with a brief tutorial on scenes in Unity. Next, students will implement new ideas and take Unity for a spin, test driving new functions and objects while integrating ideas from the C# development earlier in the day.



Mentor teaching students during program

Feedback & Recap

3:00 pm - 3:10 pm

We wrap up the day with a final recap, and students are encouraged to share their thoughts on the day's work. Many students stay afterwards for extra mentoring, and they are encouraged to do so. 





A summer experience done differently.

Mentor helping Student code website during program

We're committed to you

Everybody at Kinet-X has only one goal: to help you get the most out of your experience. When you learn at Kinet-X, you can always expect to have your lingering questions answered, discuss potential ideas and topics with your mentors, and receive meaningful feedback on improving your work.


Students working together on code during program

Stay engaged

Programs can start off well, but keeping yourself excited might be a challenge. Our program starts off on a brisk pace and keeps it going until the very end, keeping you on your toes and completely immersed in programming and engineering with exciting activities and enjoyable lessons.


Students engineering together during program

Peer brilliance

Kinet-X provides students with endless opportunities to grow and learn, and one of the most important opportunities that we provide you is the ability to meet some of the brightest, talented kids in NYC.  Together, you'll push each other to strive further and push harder. 


One track to success

Our programs are designed to seamlessly connect with one another, providing you with an all-in-one STEM education for your entire journey. To help our families get the most frictionless education experience, we offer all returning students 10% off their next program. 

cloud-computing (3).png

starter x/s

  • Your all-in-one introduction to the world of STEM.

  • Web development & applications w/ HTML, CSS, and Javascript

  • Basic mechanical/electrical engineering to create rocket systems and solar-powered cars

  • ages 9-15

  • beginner

industrial-robot (4).png

robotics 3.0

  • Engineer robots from scratch.

  • Code & develop AI w/ CS theory, autonomous systems, Arduino, C

  • Basic mechanical/electrical engineering to construct robots

  • Design & project management skills

  • ages 9-15

  • beginner - intermediate


advanced 3.0

  • Take a leap in your tech education.

  • Use Python for data science, engineer back-end, and build servers

  • Complex mechanical/electrical engineering and Arduinos to create self-driving cars and robots

  • Turn invention into a product and launch a startup

  • Ages 13+

  • intermediate - expert

virtual-reality (1).png

Virtual reality

  • Create new realities

  • Learn the ins & outs of VR headsets

  • Develop beautiful scenes and apps in Unity engine

  • Develop games and apps with C#

  • Create a fully immersive virtual reality app

  • Ages 13+

  • intermediate - expert


Virtual Reality

Create new realities in just 2 weeks.



May 11 Deadline

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